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    " Copper is a noble and fascinating material and in it I have found the perfect ally to express my connection to Nature, the ultimate artist.

      I shape it and after applying various mediums, copper brings forth it's beautiful colored patinas.

      My work consists on trusting the alliance between the copper and my inner voice and allowing my hands to be the instrument to manifest the ethereal ideas that come from within the earth and my soul."


        I have been in the art field for over 30 years. I was born and raised in Mexico City where I studied graphic design and started my own stained glass and sculpture studio.                                                                                             In 1995 I moved to Austin, Texas with my husband and four children where I continued with my studio doing extensive commission work for architects, designers and private clients. There I learned the art of copper and fell in love with it. 

         In 2006 we moved to Scottsdale, Arizona where I was constantly experimenting with different techniques on patinas, repousse, etching, oils, acrylics, textiles and plaster, to enhance my copper works. There I was showing in several galleries and was chosen to participate in the world known Arizona Fine Art Expo for several years until we decided to move and be near our grandkids.

         Since 2020 we have been living in the picturesque and artsy  little town of Paonia, Colorado which has inspired me to try new materials and subject matters. So me and my work keep evolving with the fluidity of life !

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